Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar

Copper alloy : T2
Aluminum alloy : 1060, 6061
Ampacity(A) : 221 – 2448

The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is a specialized electrical component that is designed to deliver optimal conductivity and performance while being highly durable and cost-effective. The busbar consists of a core made of aluminum with a layer of copper on the surface. The copper layer provides excellent electrical conductivity, while the aluminum core provides strength and durability. This product is widely used in a variety of applications, including power generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as in a variety of industrial settings. In this product description, we will explore the features and benefits of the Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar, as well as its uses and applications in various industries.

copper aluminum busbars

Features and Benefits of copper clad aluminum busbar

High Conductivity: The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar offers high electrical conductivity, thanks to the layer of copper on its surface. Copper is one of the most conductive metals, which makes it an ideal choice for electrical applications. By combining copper with aluminum, the Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar offers a high level of conductivity at a lower cost compared to a fully copper busbar.

Light Weight: Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is much lighter than copper. This makes the Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar much lighter in weight than a fully copper busbar, which makes it easier to handle and transport. This feature can also make it a better fit for applications where weight is a concern.

Corrosion-Resistant: Copper and aluminum are both naturally corrosion-resistant, which means that the Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is highly resistant to rust and other types of corrosion. This feature makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications where the busbar may be exposed to the elements.

Durable: Aluminum is a highly durable metal that is resistant to bending, breaking, and other types of damage. The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is designed to take advantage of aluminum’s durability by incorporating it into its core. This feature makes the busbar more resistant to damage and prolongs its lifespan.

Cost-Effective: The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is a cost-effective solution for electrical applications. The use of aluminum as the core metal makes it less expensive than a fully copper busbar, while the copper layer on the surface ensures that it still provides high conductivity.

copper clad aluminum busbar packages

Applications of copper clad aluminum busbar

The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is used in a wide range of applications in various industries, including:

Power Generation: The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is used in power generation applications, such as in generators and power plants. It is used to carry the electrical current from the generator to the transmission lines.

Transmission and Distribution: The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is used in the transmission and distribution of electrical power. It is used to connect the power lines to the transformers and other distribution equipment.

Industrial Applications: The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is also used in a variety of industrial applications, including in manufacturing, welding, and other industrial processes.

The Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is a high-quality and cost-effective solution for your electrical needs. It offers high conductivity, is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Whether you need a busbar for power generation, transmission and distribution, or industrial applications, the Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar is an excellent choice that will provide optimal performance and reliability. Its unique design combines the benefits of both copper and aluminum, making it an ideal solution for your electrical needs.

Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar
Specification(mm) Length(mm) Weight(Kg) Ampacity(A)
3x25 6000 0.28
3x30 6000 0.32
3x40 6000 0.44
3x50 6000 0.54
4x30 6000 0.44 221
4x40 6000 0.575 272
4x50 6000 0.72 340
4x60 6000 0.86 408
4x80 6000 1.18 544
4x100 6000 1.52
4x120 6000 1.82
5x30 6000 0.54 255
5x40 6000 0.72 340
5x45 6000 0.81 381
5x50 6000 0.915 425
5x60 6000 1.09 510
5x80 6000 1.45 680
5.5x35 6000 0.69
5.5x45 6000 0.9
5.5x55 6000 1.1
5.5x70 6000 1.5
5.5x85 6000 1.8
5.5x110 6000 2.2
5.5x120 6000 2.5
6x30 6000 0.65 306
6x40 6000 0.86 408
6x50 6000 1.09 510
6x60 6000 1.31 780
6x70 6000 1.52 714
6x80 6000 1.74 816
6x85 6000 1.85 867
6x100 6000 2.18 1020
6x110 6000 2.4
6x120 6000 2.61 1224
6x140 6000 3.05 1428
6x150 6000 3.26
8x40 6000 1.16 544
8x50 6000 1.45 680
8x60 6000 1.74 816
8x70 6000 2.03 952
8x80 6000 2.35 1088
8x85 6000 2.52
8x100 6000 2.9 1360
10x40 6000 1.45
10x50 6000 1.81 850
10x60 6000 2.18 1020
10x70 6000 2.54 1190
10x80 6000 2.9 1360
10x100 6000 3.63 1700
10x120 6000 4.36 2040
10x125 6000 4.54 2125
10x140 6000 5.1 2380
12x120 6000 5.23 2448
10x150 6000 5.7
12x150 6000 6.8

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